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Thank you for using our service. We strive to be the most comprehensive information and service for Uptown Dallas apartments and the Uptown Dallas area in general. We have spent thousands of hours to collect the information you are seeing, and we spend many hours each week to continue to provide additional information to serve your needs. It’s not easy to do this, but we want you to have the best! In addition, we are delighted to send you a $100 – $300* reward for referring to us when you apply for your residence. How does this work? Basically, we receive a fee for advertising a property when our advertisement results in a lease. When we receive a report of someone signing a lease at any property and referring to Uptown101 (or LOCATOR) on their application, we then collect a fee from the property. We then share this fee with you.

Below is how you claim your reward:


Search and Find your Uptown Dallas apartments on this site. Use the leasing contact we provide to get immediate pricing and availability. OR simply let us know your needs. We will take care of getting you information promptly and get you details back quickly.


Inform the apartment that Uptown101 (or LOCATOR) is how you found out about them, both on the GUEST CARD and on the LEASING APPLICATION, when you apply for the apartment. There is a section on the LEASING APPLICATION that says “How did you hear about us” or “Referral Source” on the right hand side of the application. Please mention Uptown101 (or REALTOR or LOCATOR) in that section.


Claim your referral reward by submitting your information here
Once you have submitted your Referral Reward Form and moved into your apartment, here is when you will receive your reward:

This is important, please read

If these things occur, we can not send you a referral reward:


If you have any other with regard to receiving your reward, please reach out to us and we will respond shortly. Thank you!