The Neighborhoods of Uptown Dallas by

Welcome to Uptown Dallas! Did you know that the Uptown Dallas area is the #1 area for new campus hires and professionals new to Dallas to live?   And, did you further know that the Uptown Dallas area actually has several different pockets, each with a different feel and appeal?  Below is a quick rundown of these areas.

West Village Dallas

This section is in the north part of Uptown. It features the West Village shopping center, a mega outdoor 2 block shopping section with much to enjoy during the day and night. It is the area that has the most to do in walking distance.  It also is a quick walk to the popular Katy Trail from here and includes several stops on the Uptown Trolley.   This section is recommended if you want to meet people quickly and enjoy the most to do in quick walking distance.  You really won’t need your car here.

McKinney Avenue

This is what many people think of when they hear Uptown Dallas. It’s where tourists or even those who don’t live in Uptown go. It’s primarily on the south and east side of Uptown. For ease of categorization, I include the State Thomas area in this section as well.  This is a section to live in if you want to be in walking distance to well known night spots.

Katy Trail

The Katy Trail is a 4 mile running trail that starts in Downtown Dallas and runs through the west border of Uptown Dallas. It actually keeps going past Knox (see below) and above that.  When we talk about the Katy Trail, we mean apartments that are within quick walking distance of the Katy Trail. We highlight these because of the high popularity of the Katy Trail. It’s just a great way to meet people, get exercise and then quickly get around Uptown Dallas!

Victory Park

This is a section that is sometimes considered Uptown Dallas as well.  It’s in the south part where McKinney Avenue ends and does NOT include Downtown Dallas.  It was started only about 7 years ago, and is revitalizing to include more options.  Advantages of living here include being close to the American Airlines Arena (Mavericks, Stars, concerts) and super quick access to the Katy Trail.  This is also very convenient to some of the larger firms in the area.

Knox Henderson

This section is not truly in Uptown, but many people consider it part of Uptown because it is directly connected.  It features some great shops and restaurants and night life on the KNOX side, and primarily nightclubs on the HENDERSON side.  (Knox becomes Henderson once you cross 75/Central).   There are only a few options to live here, and the Uptown Trolley doesn’t extend to here at this time.

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